Whether you are in the mood for traditional Japanese cuisine, grilled eel, or something else, Otsu is home to many excellent eateries and high-class Japanese-style pubs. We recommend that you explore the city and enjoy dinner at one of these establishments. Although we have a traditional Japanese restaurant in Ohmiya, we presently only serve breakfast. That being said, all of Jiyujin’s hotels emphasize local gastronomy, so in the future, we plan to open a restaurant that uses food to highlight the customs, culture, and history of Otsu. It will feature wild freshwater fish from Lake Biwa, seafood from Wakasa Bay, and organic vegetables from Shiga Prefecture. Courses will feature the local delicacies of Otsu, including traditional fermented foods like funazushi (funa carp sushi). We are currently accepting applications for chefs who are interested in creating dishes that focus on Otsu’s local gastronomy.
※Please reserve breakfast in advance.